Aussie vegan activist's bloody KFC protest mocked online

Public slams Tash Peterson's fake blood stunt that leaves KFC staff cleaning up.

Aussie vegan activist's bloody KFC protest mocked online
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EDITOR'S NOTE:  after publication, a person calling himself Dimitrios Kailaris wrote to the Rebel News legal department to claim he had been the one to clean up the fake blood "in front of multiple police officers and all of the workers."

Dimitrios Kailaris is an Australian animal rights activist at 

Rebel News has not yet independently confirmed the accuracy of Mr. Kailaris' admission. However, it provides additional context to the story we believe the reader should know. 


A vegan activist who splashed fake blood on the floor of a Perth KFC has been slammed as a nuisance.

The stunt, captured on social media, was criticised for doing nothing but making life hard for young staff members who had to clean up the mess.

Animal rights protestor Tash Peterson, 29, walked into the fast-food outlet dressed as an abattoir worker.

On her back were written the words: “You ‘food’ fought for their life, that should leave a bad taste in your mouth”.

Peterson, known for previous protests in supermarkets and restaurants, poured red paint over the floor as people with her showed footage of a chicken farm on a handheld screen.

She claimed: “KFC have blood on their hands and so do you if you’re not vegan”.

Social media users slammed the protest.

“I'm vegan but KFC do not care about you doing this. And the poor worker on their feet all day who has to clean it up is not going to understand,” one person wrote.

Another said, “Hope you didn't force the service workers at the KFC, who already have an extremely sh***y job, to clean it up.”

A third person wrote: “There are only half a dozen people in there. What was the point of that?”

But the chicken activist was not entirely without support. One person egged Peterson on, thanking her for hatching the plan to “speak up for those who cannot speak”.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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