Australia now has coast-to-coast Labor governments

Labor's victory in New South Wales, leaves Tasmania the only non-Labor state left with a conservative government.

Australia now has coast-to-coast Labor governments
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The Labor Party has swept to power in New South Wales, securing a historic victory in the state election. 

Chris Minns has been elected as the new premier, marking the first time in over a decade that the Labor Party has won in the state.

Former NSW Liberal premier Mike Baird said that it was "time for an honest appraisal" following the election result.

Former Prime Minister John Howard said it was "too early" to say where the Liberal Party would go now. Nationals Leader David Littleproud said the parties need to "rebuild trust" after the election loss.

The Labor Party has now secured victories in Queensland, Victoria, and New South Wales, with Tasmania being the only state currently being governed by the Liberal Party. The election outcome is seen as a significant blow to the Liberal Party and a testament to the Labor Party's popularity across Australia.

The election result is expected to have significant implications for the Liberal Party, which has now lost power in New South Wales, Queensland, and Victoria. The party will now have to take a hard look at its policies and strategies to regain the trust of voters with many conservative voters frustrated by the party's shift from traditional values.

This election outcome could have significant ramifications for future elections and the balance of power in Australia.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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