Australian government slow to address asylum backlog as housing crisis looms

Over 102,000 asylum seekers await processing while the Albanese Government proposes a $10b housing package.

Australian government slow to address asylum backlog as housing crisis looms
File photo: AFP
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More than 102,000 asylum seekers are currently waiting on-shore to have their applications processed, according to figures released by the Department of Home Affairs.

Some of the applicants have been waiting eight years for their status to be determined.

Meanwhile, the Albanese Government is proposing a $10b taxpayer funded package to address the housing shortage.

The refugee figures reveal that very few of those arriving to claim asylum have been found to have genuine claims. But even when they are found to have come to Australia under false pretences, the government has been reticent to deport them.

Of 1896 people in Australia who applied for onshore protection visas in May, only 26 have been found to be in genuine need of help.

And of the 1065 people whose applications had been assessed and found illegitimate, only 7 people had been sent home.

Figures showed that the largest number of asylum requests in May came from Indian passport holders (262 claims), followed by China (182), Pakistan and Vietnam (114 each), and Malaysia (95).

Only 2 per cent of Indians were been found worthy of refugee status while none of the 149 Chinese asylum claims dealt with in May were found to be in need of protection.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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