WATCH: Avi Yemini turns the tables on a REAL misinformation spreader

Passer-by gets more than he bargained for after interrupting my piece to camera in Sydney's CBD

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A passer-by who labelled me a “F-wit” got more than he bargained for when I decided to initiate a civil discussion with him.

I had been filming material in the Sydney CBD when the man, on his way to work, walked past and yelled out “Mr Yemini. F-Wit!”.

Instead of being offended, I chased after the man and politely asked what he had said.

“Don’t worry. I think you heard me,” he replied, before continuing …

“I think you’re a f-wit. That’s my opinion. I personally don’t agree with your politics, and I think you’re spreading dangerous, harmful misinformation for example about Covid vaccines.”

He said that he believed “Covid vaccines are perfectly safe and efficacious” at stopping the spread of Covid.

When I pointed out that even NSW Premier Domonic Perrottet had said vaccines did not stop the spread of Covid he replied: “Well I disagree with Perrottet on a lot of things. But I’m also not a medical scientist.”

When I further pointed out that Pfizer’s own scientists now say there is no evidence that vaccines stop transmission, he insisted that they were wrong.

“Literally no-one says that (vaccines stop the spread) except for you,” I told him.

“Out of the two of us you’re the one spreading misinformation yet you feel like it’s okay to scream out ‘f-wit’ to me!”

But the best part was when I asked him how many vaccine shots he had received.

He said he had received three doses but had delayed getting his fourth because “it’s just a low priority at the moment”.

“I do accept … nowadays Covid is closer to a flu than it was previously,” he said.

So this man was calling me a f-wit and accusing me of spreading misinformation when he was the one contradicting politicians and scientists whilst, at the same time, admitting the virus was not so bad that he would even bother about getting another booster shot.

When I asked him if he thought that was unreasonable, he replied “I don’t think” before walking away.

Well he was right about one thing.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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