Avoid sharing back-to-school photos on social media: AFP

Australian Federal Police urges caution in sharing back-to-school photos on social media to protect children from online predation.

Avoid sharing back-to-school photos on social media: AFP
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As students head back to school, parents and carers are being warned to think twice before sharing images of their children on social media.

The Australian Federal Police (AFP) is concerned that even innocent photos could end up in the hands of child sex offenders and be used for grooming purposes.

According to Hilda Sirec, Acting Assistant Commissioner of the AFP, sharing images on social media can provide child predators with information about a child's location, school, and even the logo on their uniform.

Sirec warned that these collections of child abuse material can be vast, stretching to "terabytes," and even innocent photos can be included.

To protect children, Sirec urged parents and carers to educate their children on what to do if contacted by someone who may be a predator.

Children should be encouraged to report the incident to someone they trust and, if there is imminent danger, to the police.

Sirec emphasized the importance of creating a supportive network around children so they feel comfortable enough to report any suspicious behavior.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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