Bad projection models are creating a society of germophobes | John Carpay of JCCF with Ezra Levant

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John Carpay, President of the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms joined Ezra on a recent episode of The Ezra Levant Show to discuss a phenomenon he's starting to see across the country as COVID-19 cases once again trend upward across Canada.

Despite few deaths nation-wide to coincide with surge in cases, governments across the country are turning to strict lockdown measures in an effort to minimize the perceived risk.

Ezra suggested that he thought the fear surrounding the pandemic had changed the way some people, particularly older individuals, interact with the world — potentially never leaving their homes again, like a form of mass germophobia. 

John agreed with Ezra, telling him: 

The fear that we have been put into, as a society, with the politicians basically running with the Neil Ferguson, Imperial College predictions from March that millions of people from around the world would die. And this Neil Ferguson he's been spectacularly wrong on BSE (Mad Cow Disease), the bird Flu.

Every pandemic he is out by thousands of percentage points and yet people were still listening to him. 

He also recanted [on his projections] in part — this got very little publicity — but, he did speak publicly before a Parliamentary committee a few weeks later [after the start of the pandemic] and he said his numbers were way out.

He also said most of these people would have died anyway, making a reference to the fact that COVID is a deadly killer for people in their 80's that are already very sick with cancer, or emphysema, or heart disease, or diabetes or any number of things...By then, the panic train had already left the station.

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