Barbara Kay: 'Drag Queen Story Hour is now a religious thing'

Columnist from The Epoch Times Barbara Kay joins the Ezra Levant Show to weigh in on drag queen story time and gender ideology in schools.

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The debate surrounding Drag Queen Story Hour has reached a boiling point, igniting discussions about the implications of gender ideology in schools. Ezra Levant was joined by Columnist from The Epoch Times Barbara Kay to discuss this matter.

Ezra read a line from an article by The Toronto Star, "'parents and staff are demanding that the Toronto District School Board stop allowing students to opt out of drag queen storytime,' like right there that's crazy. A parent is demanding that other parents not be allowed to choose."

Ezra added that there are schools in Canada, some in Ottawa, some in Toronto and in Mississauga for sure, where 50, 60, 70, 80% of the student population is Muslim. And there were schools when they had pride events where 80% of the kids were kept home.

"Now, obviously, these schools in Toronto where they're having this battle are not that way. But this is becoming an issue for the Muslim community, which I think didn't have a lot to say about gay bars and gay things when they were in adult places. But now that they're coming to the schools, I think it's it's a five alarm fire for the Muslim community," said Ezra.

Kay responded:

It also is for the Christian community, you know, for Christians who nobody pays any attention to them. They don't care. But they do care about Muslims because that's, you know, one of their intersectional groups. It should be a five alarm fire for anybody. Look, if you wanted to make every kid in class recite the Lord's Prayer, you'd see a real fire alarm fire.

Drag Queen Story Hour is now a religious thing. These these drag queens are now kind of holy figures, you know, and they have to be treated like they're some kind of very sacred people who are coming to educate the kids.

I mean, nobody cared when they stayed in their bars.

"Drag queens have a very raunchy, very sex laden brand and suddenly they're just harmless, you know? Like, why? What is this?" Kay said. "What is this fascination with these drag queens? I know what it is. We're lala land on this issue."

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