BC residents protest plastic surgeon who removes the breasts of minors

'He is performing surgeries on kids as young as 14 years old,' stated Cindy Carpenter, an organizer of the pop-up protest.

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On Wednesday, the office of a BC plastic surgeon became the site of a small protest of citizens calling for an end to the medical mutilation of children suffering from gender dysphoria.

Dr. Daniel Mckee holds a faculty position at the University of British Columbia in the Department of Surgery and has a practice in Burnaby that does consultations for some of the plastic and reconstructive surgeries he performs at Burnaby General Hospital and various surgery centres.

The special expertise of the surgeon is performing “top surgery” ( the severing off of breasts) of biological females, including minors, often for "gender-affirming" purposes.

“I know the positive impact that gender-affirming surgery can have psychologically for transgender patients. I went into medicine in order to help people” Dr. Mckee states on his practice's website.

But not everyone believes that Dr. McKee’s services are helpful, especially those Rebel News captured protesting outside of the physician’s office this week. “He is performing surgeries on kids as young as 14 years old” stated Cindy Carpenter, an organizer of the pop-up protest. Carpenter also claimed that due to Dr. Mckee’s specializing in top surgery, he’s able to “bang out these surgeries quick” without much of a waitlist and with the province covering the bill.

According to BC’s Medical Services Commission, in the last 3 years, Dr. McKee has billed over 2 million dollars to the province. It is unclear how many of those tax dollars have gone towards the removal of the breasts of minors.

Rebel News reached out to Dr. McKee’s office for their side of this story but did not receive a response.

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  • By Tamara Ugolini


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