Fight the Fines case #11 — Beachgoer ARRESTED for walking on empty Lake Ontario beach

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What a day at the beach!

One moment, Cobourg, Ont. resident Tamara Ugolini and a friend were simply walking along the shoreline of Cobourg beach. The next moment she’s being placed in handcuffs, put in a police cruiser, and whisked away to the crowbar motel to spend almost two hours in a jail cell.

And this is supposedly all about protecting the populace from the… Wuhan virus? It sure wasn’t Beach Blanket Bingo…

By way of explanation, it should be noted that although Cobourg’s eastern beach is fenced off post-war Berlin-style, Tamara never broke any laws by accessing the beach.

While it is strictly verboten to scale the steel fence to access the beach, any resident and/or tourist is allowed to venture into this “forbidden zone” if they access the beach via the pier.

This was indeed proven to be true last Saturday when numerous demonstrators accessed the beach in this fashion under the watchful eye of bylaw officers who declined to press charges.

So why were Tamara and her friend harassed? Why were their charter rights violated? Why was Tamara fined several hundred dollars? It makes no sense.

Which is why we have taken up Tamara’s plight as our most recent Fight The Fines case.

Since the “Pandemic Police” started handing out those infamous Wuhan virus social-distancing tickets, Rebel News has taken up the plight of about a dozen Canadians from coast to coast to coast who were, we believe, unfairly targeted – be it for sitting on a park bench or skateboarding in an empty skate park.

Like our other defendants, we have secured the services of a top-notch criminal lawyer to represent Tamara. And I, for one, can hardly wait to see how this case plays out when it gets to a court of law.

Naturally, fighting for our rights and freedoms does come with a cost.

So if you would like to make a contribution to our ongoing quest for justice, please donate by clicking here and help us hire a lawyer to help Tamara with her case.

After all, just because jurisdictions are operating under the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act, that does not give them the right to eclipse our rights and freedoms.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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Ordinary Canadians are being fined extortionate amounts for going outside while the prime minister visits cottage country. Are you one of them?

  • By Ezra Levant

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