Big cheers for defunding the CBC at Pierre Poilievre event in Toronto

Poilievre was in Don Valley on Sunday, March 27, to address supporters as part of his bid to be the next leader of Conservative Party of Canada.

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Conservative Party of Canada leadership hopeful Pierre Poilievre swung by Toronto on Sunday to give a speech at a standing-room only venue packed with hundreds of supporters.

Poilievre outlined his platform, receiving numerous standing ovations and robust cheers (the loudest ovation, by far, being for his pledge to defund the CBC.)

Other promises made (and hopefully these will indeed be promises kept should Mr. Poilievre become Prime Minister Poilievre in the future):

  • Cancel the Liberal carbon tax;
  • Eliminate the deficit be eradicating Liberal slush fund projects such as the Infrastructure Bank of Canada and the Canadian Broadcast Corporation;
  • Cut taxes;
  • Make Canada energy independent again, allowing Canada to supply itself and the world with clean, dependable and non-dictatorship energy;
  • Eliminate red tape to allow immigrants to Canada to find employment in the jobs they trained for;
  • Incent big city mayors to fast-track building permits to free up space to build a million new houses;
  • Repeal the anti-free speech laws in order to “allow Canadians to think for themselves”;
  • Crusade against “insane” politically correct wokeism.

Regarding the theme of free speech and free expression, Poilievre mentioned that when Wilfred Laurier was Prime Minister and was asked what is Canada’s nationality, Laurier responded: “Canada is free and freedom is its nationality.” Noting that freedom is increasingly under attack by the Trudeau Liberals, Poilievre said he is “running for Prime Minister to make Canada the freest country on Earth.”

While the people in attendance were true-blue Poilievre supporters, clearly Poilievre is not only running against other leadership hopefuls but the mainstream media as well. When it comes to the MSM, the narrative on the Conservative leadership race is that only the former Liberal premier of Quebec, Jean Charest, has what it takes to become Prime Minister. (Missing from their analysis is that the party going down the Liberal-lite route in 2019 and 2021 with Andrew Scheer and Erin O’Toole at the helm ended in electoral disaster.)

Indeed, the day before the Rally in Don Valley, this pithy prose appeared in the Toronto Star: One longtime insider, speaking anonymously as they want to stay neutral in the race, told the Star there are concerns Poilievre’s ‘juvenile political theatre’ will just end up being weaponized by the Liberals in the next campaign, to the detriment of whoever wins the leadership race.”

So, there you have it, folks: if you espouse an opinion that is right of centre, you are a “juvenile.”

And say, who exactly is that “longtime insider speaking anonymously” to the Toronto Star? Sneaky Patrick Brown?

Visit for more about Pierre Poilievre's campaign.

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