Bill Burr blasts woke extremists for embracing cancel culture

The comedian was critical of people on the extreme left and right of the political spectrum, with a particular focus on those embracing censorship.

Bill Burr blasts woke extremists for embracing cancel culture
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Stand-up comedian and The Mandalorian actor Bill Burr is slamming cancel culture, criticizing those who engage in cancel campaigns against him as people who haven’t been to his shows or have a sense of humour. 

“These people that are on the extreme right and left, I think, only represent about 15 per cent of the population,” Burr stated during an appearance on the Pat McAfee Show. “I just feel like 85 per cent of the country on the right and the left is kind of sitting there, like, 'when are Dad and Mom going to stop screaming at each other?'”

Burr shared his understanding of cancel culture with the host, estimating that while most Americans are reasonable, extremists on the fringes of the political spectrum were the most vocal.  


Burr, who has performed stand-up comedy at Madison Square Garden and hosts his own podcast, says that while everyone makes mistakes they should apologize for, those criticizing him were often offended for the sake of being offended — having not even viewed his comedy routines. 

“I’m not saying that I ever haven’t made mistakes,” Burr said, the Washington Examiner reported.  “There’s times I’ve, you know, pissed somebody off or made somebody cry, and if they come up and they have a legitimate thing, then I’ll apologize to them.” 

“But I’m not apologizing to a bunch of f***ing people because I told a joke that they weren’t at,” he continued. “I told a joke at a show you weren’t at. Like, all right, so, like, how is that my fault?” 

Woke progressives attempted to cancel Burr in March after he briefly presented for the Grammy Awards, Newsweek reported. During the event, Burr made a few jokes that stoked outrage, joking about a pianist who appeared before him.  

“Was I the only one that wanted to kill himself during that piano solo? I bought a suit for this. I thought I was going to be on TV, I'm such a moron, I'm losing so much money right now,” he said. “Shout out to all the rock stars that I wanted to meet tonight who are watching at home instead. I'm talking to you Don Dokken. What? I'm old! That was my first concert.” 

Burr, who previously mispronounced the name of a Latin artist at the event, joked about how “feminists are going nuts” over the Best Tropical Latin Album award. 

“'Why is this cis-white male doing all this Latino stuff.' And the Grammy goes to Grupo Niche,” he said.  

Earlier this year, Burr criticized CNN for its “obsession” with former president Donald Trump and the network’s refusal to shine a light on President Joe Biden’s ineptitude, whom he called a “bore.” The comedian suggested that CNN handled Biden with kid gloves because he is a Democrat. 

“I swear to God, I cannot believe people watch that channel. They’re so dumb,” Burr said at the time, Fox News reported. “They’re f***ing treasonous un-American pieces of s***.” 

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