Bill Gates hails Australian pandemic response as the Gold Standard

Despite harsh lockdowns, strict health orders and vaccine mandates, Microsoft founder praises Australia’s authoritarian approach to managing the pandemic

Bill Gates hails Australian pandemic response as the Gold Standard
Bill Gates speaks at the 58th Munich Security Conference / YouTube
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If every country does what Australia did, then you wouldn’t be calling [the world’s next viral outbreak] a pandemic,” said Microsoft founder Bill Gates.

Speaking at the 58th Munich Security Conference, Bill Gates applauded Australia’s harsh lockdowns and strict health orders that have gripped the country for two years.

Australia, like New Zealand, spent most of the pandemic pursuing a ‘Covid Zero’ strategy that involved extensive lockdowns imposed on major cities that dragged on for months and vaccine mandate policies which vary in severity depending on the state.

Most acknowledge that these strategies were only possible because the island nations are able to use geography to control the flow of people across borders. As a result, many civil liberties were temporarily suspended in Australia, including the right to protest.

Currently, Australia’s death count for Covid remains at the low end of the global average, partly due to Covid’s spread being delayed through bans on most international and interstate travel. It is only in recent months, with the Omicron variant, that wider transmission is being reported.

The US billionaire is heavily involved in the global production of vaccines, with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation serving as the co-founder of the World Economic Forum’s Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI) launched at a 2017 Davos Forum. Australia is included in the coalition’s consortium of nations and has made significant donations.

CEPI Partners began work on mRNA and RNA vaccines in 2018, prior to the Covid pandemic, to deal with a ‘Disease X’ scenario as laid out by the World Health Organisation.

“This pandemic’s most significant innovation is mRNA vaccines, which were available less than a year after the virus that causes Covid was identified. CEPI began funding efforts to develop mRNA vaccines for Covid just days after the virus was detected outside of mainland China. (One of the candidates CEPI backed in January 2020 was Moderna.)” said Bill Gates, in a recent article. “But CEPI’s support for research on mRNA vaccines predates Covid – which is one of the reasons the approach was successful. The groundwork had been laid years before by investments from governments, pharmaceutical companies, and (more recently) CEPI.

CEPI are supporters of AstraZeneca, Novavax, Moderna and others that did not make it beyond Phase 3 trials into Emergency authorisations.

The Bill and Melinda gates Foundation were involved in the 2019 ‘Event 201’ pandemic simulation which discussed and trialled various pandemic responses, such as those used in Australia. The simulation concluded shortly before the onset of Covid.

Work done by CEPI in the pre-pandemic investment into (at that time never before used mRNA technology) is one of the leading reasons why a different generation of vaccines entered the market.

This year’s [Munich Security] conference underlined how much global health is now rightfully seen as a serious national and global security issue. It’s clear than ever that investing in health R&D, disease surveillance, and strong health systems is critical to keeping people safe, wherever they live in the world,” wrote Bill Gates.

Bill Gates rubbished ‘conspiracy’ claims against him at the Munich Security Conference, calling them ‘really evil theories’.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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