Bitcoin 2022 attendees on why they are here and what the future holds

Conference attendees brought up the freedom that crypto brings, especially because government can't get involved.

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I went to the Bitcoin 2022 conference in Miami to hear from people why they showed up and what they thought the future holds for Bitcoin.

Here is what some of them had to say:

Kitco News editor-in-chief Michelle Makori said that this is the biggest crypto conference and this is the place to be “if you wanna be on top of what is happening in the world of Bitcoin, as well as crypto at large, you have to come to Bitcoin 2022.”

One Canadian at the Bitcoin conference laughed at the Canadian government's attempts to block crypto and said, “you can try to break math, but you are not gonna do it” and “[at] the end of the day, it's in the power of the people.”

One crypto-based liberty organization was at the conference, and I got to chat with them about how important crypto is for freedom.

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