Bob Rae’s crude anti-Harper gesture is the true face of Liberals’ “sunny ways”

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While the Conservatives had their big convention in Vancouver, the Liberals held theirs in Winnipeg. Justin Trudeau bashed Stephen Harper a bit, but also gave a perfunctory thank you to Harper for more than a decade of public service.

So, out of a whole weekend of bashing Harper as evil, un-Canadian, etc., Trudeau mugged for the cameras for less than 30 seconds with a smile, to show that he’s really all about the "sunny ways."

But Bob Rae, the former NDP premier of Ontario, former interim federal Liberal leader, couldn’t even go along with the fake smiles for 30 seconds. He literally made a gagging gesture as Trudeau said a handful of kind words about Harper.

The Liberals claim to believe in "sunny ways" — a new tone in how to do politics.

No, they don’t. They’re vicious, they’re brutal. In ways Conservatives would never dream of being, and would never get away with.

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  • By David Menzies

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