BREAKING: NSW Freedom Ball is BACK ON at a new secret venue

Event organisers thwart attempts to cancel the celebration

BREAKING: NSW Freedom Ball is BACK ON at a new secret venue
The Aussie Cossack
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NSW's Freedom Ball is now back on with a new secret venue set to be announced to attendees at 3pm today.

Police yesterday swooped on Le Montage, the venue originally designated to host the eagerly anticipated event, pressuring organisers to cancel the booking.

The event is planned as a celebration to mark the end of medical segregation and discrimination.

Watch the drama from yesterday as NSW police tried their best to cancel the event:

Yesterday, organisers were planning to move the event to the public space on the foreshore, as a Christmas Summer soiree outside the venue with the support of the director of Le Montage.

However, the host of the event Simeon Boikov – better known online as The Aussie Cossack – announced late last night that those plans have been shelved out of respect for the venue, which has been under increased public and police pressure since the location was announced.

"Out of respect to the business, Navarra family and the venues, it's not their fault the police have put pressure, it's not their fault there's all these problems. They're just trying to do an honest job and have their business run and they employ a lot of locals and we should support them," Boikov said.

"And at the same time, tomorrow night there are actually some school formals, graduation ceremonies, going at the venue ... For the sake of the students, for the sake of the venue, I don't want anyone to go down there and protest or cause a ruckus.

"The ball is still happening, we will not reveal the location until 3 o'clock tomorrow.

"I know it's outrageous, it's ridiculous, but everyone who is going to the ball, everyone who has been invited, is still coming. The ball is still going ahead, it will be livestreamed."

"Let's just show the police that we are the responsible ones and they are the outrageous ones."

Despite reports to the contrary aiming to portray attendees as extremists, Boikov hit out at the suggestion that the event was a money grab, noting that only 10 public tickets were made available at $500 as a way for people who voiced to support the event with the event supported by private business.

"90% of the tickets are complimentary and have been handed out," he said.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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