BREAKING: The Lincoln Project doxxes two Trump lawyers

BREAKING: The Lincoln Project doxxes two Trump lawyers

The Lincoln Project, an American political action committee formed by former Republicans who oppose President Donald Trump, is doxxing attorneys who are involved in Trump’s efforts to bring about transparency in the Pennsylvania elections where a number of significant irregularities have been uncovered.

In a post on Twitter, The Lincoln Project publicly posted two attorneys’ personal information, including their photos, personal phone numbers, and email addresses to its 2.7 million followers.

The tweet was punctuated with a pirate flag, which carries connotations of violence.

With the increase in political violence towards Trump supporters in recent years, drastically escalating in the months leading up to the election, bad faith actors opposing Trump have endangered people’s lives and livelihoods, putting them at the mercy of the mob.

Attorneys Ronald Hicks and Carolyn McGree are the latest offerings to the angry masses of the #Resistance movement.

Reactions to the tweet have been a mix of anger and condemnation, whereas some downplayed the potential for violence against the named individuals.

One user wrote, “Just release their personal info to the mob and hope things don't get *too* out of control?”

“You made millions resisting Trump and need a new source of income. Who will you go after? Anyone who supported/supports Trump. Witch hunting is a lucrative grift,” wrote podcaster and columnist Bridget Phetasy.

Daily Wire journalist tweeted a response, “You guys are absolutely garbage people for doing this. These are lawyers doing their job and servicing clients.”

In recent days, prominent members and supporters of the Democratic party have called for the curation of lists of Trump supporters, donors, and associates, reminiscent of the Stasi records agency in East Germany.

Former staffers of Mayor Pete Buttigieg created a list containing the names of sitting judges, Trump administration staffers, and prominent donors, with the intent of establishing a database of “deplorables."