Buffet Royale receives $500 gas bill on closed restaurant — plus Carbon Tax, plus GST!

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The COVID-19 restrictions have forced many businesses to close, sometimes permanently, but that hasn’t stopped Justin Trudeau from trying to get blood from a stone.

Canadian businesses are still being hammered with carbon taxes on utilities, even while some of those businesses remain closed and are using no utilities at all.

Remember Buffet Royale? It’s the family-run restaurant that stared down threats and a protest from the Chinese consulate demanding that the owners cancel Ezra’s China Virus book signing in Sherwood Park Alberta.

The Werenka family, who own the eatery, even turned down a $3,000 bribe to keep their doors closed to us that night. They just want to feed people good food, regardless of politics, and they did exactly that, hosting the book signing without a hitch.

The night and hospitality were so great that Ezra even wrote his first-ever restaurant review about it!

Well, the Werenkas sent me their gas bill last night for one of their four restaurants in the Edmonton area. I could not believe my eyes.

Buffet Royale’s south Edmonton location remains closed. As in: the gas meter is turned off!

Yet, their Direct Energy natural gas bill is over $500 dollars — a consequence of the gas company estimating the bill as opposed to going to the location to read the meter.

But that wasn’t the worst if it.

Trudeau’s carbon tax grab on the natural gas the restaurant didn’t even use tops $117!

David Menzies and I went through the Buffet Royale zombie gas bill together today on the daily Rebel News live stream, a fun interactive show that airs each weekday at noon EST (or 10 MST).

Those greedy, gouging Liberals even charged GST on top of their carbon tax. These attacks on Canada’s job creators have to stop for the country to ever recover from the Liberals’ out of control spending.

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  • By Sheila Gunn Reid


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  • By Ezra Levant

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