President of Unifor Local 444 advocated violence against the freedom convoy demonstrators last year! We wanted his side of the story but instead he fled like a rat

It was revealed that president of Unifor Local 444 Dave Cassidy 'threatened to lead 1,000 autoworkers down to the Ambassador Bridge area in order to brawl with freedom convoy protesters who were camped out near this infrastructure,' said David.

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One of the ongoing false narratives about the members of the various freedom convoys in Canada last year is that these demonstrators were prone to violence.

Nothing could be further from the truth, of course. In fact, in Ottawa, crime actually went DOWN in the nation’s capital while the freedom convoy protestors were demonstrating.

Nevertheless, it appears there were some folks out there that wanted to foment violence. No, not the patriots who made up the various freedom convoys, but rather, certain members of the Unifor executive, a.k.a., “the resistance.”

For example, it was revealed that Windsor. Ont.-based Unifor 444 executive Dave Cassidy threatened to lead 1,000 autoworkers down to the Ambassador Bridge area in order to brawl with freedom convoy protesters who were camped out near this infrastructure.

Blacklocks reported that the Public Order Emergency Commission heard evidence submitted from Superintendent Dana Earley, an Ontario Provincial Police commander who quoted the notes from a police liaison team: “President of auto workers' union looking at closing down a plant, claiming he has spoken to Premier. He will look to come Monday with 1,000 people to crack heads or bring heavy equipment and push them in the river.”

Crack heads? Push people into the Detroit River in wintertime, which is tantamount to a death sentence? Oh, the loving, tolerant left!

When a Commission lawyer asked Superintendent Earley what kind of danger this posed, she replied: “This is extremely concerning… They had discussions with a member from the auto union and he expressed his displeasure with the protest and in fact was sharing with them that he was going to take matters into his own hands if it was not resolved. We asked for time, for his patience.”

Blacklocks further reports that the superintendent accepted the note was to be taken literally; that 1,000 Unifor members would arrive Monday, Feb. 11 [2022] to beat Windsor protesters and throw them in the Detroit River. “This would create significant issues for public and office safety,” she said.

Cassidy, the president of Local 444 in Windsor, denies he made the remarks attributed to him in those police notes. We have reached out to Unifor on several occasions, but Cassidy and the media relations team at Unifor’s Toronto headquarters never responded.

Naturally, there was zero coverage of this outrageous call to violence in the mainstream media. Little wonder: Unifor is the union that represents most of Canada’s state-funded MSM journalists!

However, on a recent trip to Windsor, we bumped into Dave Cassidy at the local Unifor 444 headquarters. We wanted to get his side of the story. Cassidy’s response? He fled without saying anything. Indeed, the silence was deafening – and speaks volumes.

Check out our exclusive video. And ask yourself: where is the clamour when it comes to getting Cassidy to resign?

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