Calgary rally supports biz owners who REFUSE to ask vaccine status

Job creators in Calgary fear that it's only a matter of time before the Alberta health authorities step in, all because they refuse to fire unvaccinated employees or question customers on their jab status.

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Just one day after firefighters and frontline workers took to Calgary City Hall in opposition to vaccine mandates, folks were once again on location protesting in support of businesses who oppose vaccine passports.

Businesses have suffered extensively because of COVID-19 restrictions and limitations; many closed their doors for good over the past 19 months. Now businesses are facing a new kind of pressure, in the form of vaccine mandates.

We spoke with several business owners who feel that they have no right to violate the medical privacy of their employees. These job creators also fear that it is only a matter of time before government agencies will pressure them to fire unvaccinated employees, which they said they are not willing to do. The logistical costs of losing so many skilled workers would cripple their businesses, not to mention the toll it would take on the well-being of those employees.

Many of the protesters fear that their medical and bodily autonomy will be violated by new vaccine requirements. For all the political speak about “not forcing vaccines,” threatening someone’s essential employment might mean that they are unable to put food on the table for their family. If that isn’t forcing vaccines outright, it is at the very least an extreme form of coercion.

Others in attendance were double-vaccinated and stood no personal risk of loss of employment, but they were there because they categorically oppose policies which violate people's right to choose for themselves.

If you are a business owner that will respect the medical privacy of your customers and oppose vaccine passports, let us know at

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