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Calgary's mayor displays double standards on demonstrations

One rule for thee, one rule for me.

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The Calgary Expo, the city's comic and entertainment convention, happened this weekend. During the festivities, an abrupt pause occurred as a wild snowstorm cancelled the event's parade, which was hosted by none other than Mayor Jyoti Gondek.

As the city now enters week six of Gondek's injunction against protesting, the stark contrast between the few privileged groups allowed to take to the streets — or sidewalks, as outlined in the injunction — becomes clearer and clearer with this week's parade not only using loud amplification, but additionally blocking off roads.

But aren't these actions in violation of the injunction? Will the mayor be held accountable, like other protest groups?

“If you're granted a permit, and it's enforced, it supersedes the injunction,” explained one officer on the scene.

While covering the expo, we had an interaction with Mayor Gondek, one that was short; after hearing of our affiliation with Rebel News, the mayor declined to answer questions.

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