Calls to ban anti-Israel encampments at all Australian universities

Former treasurer Josh Frydenberg urges Australian universities to follow Deakin's lead in dismantling camps.

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Former federal treasurer Josh Frydenberg has urged Australian universities to emulate Deakin University's decision and remove anti-Israel encampments from their campuses.

Deakin University recently made headlines by ordering the immediate dismantling of a contentious encampment at its Burwood campus, becoming the first university in Australia to take such action.

Frydenberg, who has been vocal about combating rising antisemitism in Australia and recently produced a documentary on the subject, applauded Deakin's move, stating:

"Our universities must be safe spaces for learning and education, not indoctrination."

He further highlighted the need for all universities to follow suit, condemning the spread of hate and violence seen across the country.

Deakin University's decision came after a letter was sent to a prominent encampment organiser, instructing them to dismantle the camp immediately.

The university cited concerns about safety, hygiene and the disruption of normal operations on campus. Despite asserting support for freedom of protest and speech, the university emphasised that unauthorised camps pose risks and restrict access to premises.

The issue of anti-Israel activism on campuses has gained attention, with disruptions reported at Deakin University and Monash University. At Deakin, protesters addressed students during classes, advocating for the severance of ties with companies involved in weapons manufacturing for Israel.

Meanwhile, at Monash University, protesters gathered to disrupt a Jewish event commemorating Israeli victims of terror.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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