Canada in 2023: protesting the government is still allowed, but only on private property

We would like to report that a good time was had by all, but alas, when it comes to those on the left who look upon freedom as the new ‘f-word’, such celebrations are triggering.

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On Family Day, a celebration called “Family Fringy Day” took place on a private farm somewhere between Hamilton and Cambridge, Ont.

This primary purpose of the event was meant to commemorate last year’s Ottawa Freedom Convoy. At first blush, it seems odd that this gathering would be tale place on a private farm near Steeltown, hundreds of kilometres away from Canada’s capital city.

But then again, we’ve seen how the Trudeau Liberals react to peaceful protests that run counter to their agenda. Which is to say, this government has no problem fining, arresting, and freezing the bank accounts of Canadians in order to shutdown demonstrations that they dislike. It would appear freedom of expression in Canada is on the endangered species list; many Liberals, no doubt, would like to see it extinct.

Even so, much like what we saw in Ottawa last year, family friendly activities abounded at the farm, from a sumptuous pig roast to bouncy castles. Adding to the sense of déjà vu, some of the big rigs that were parked on Ottawa’s Wellington Street last winter — including that iconic crane truck with the massive Canadian flag — were also at the farm on Monday.

We would like to report that a good time was had by all, but alas, when it comes to those on the left who look upon freedom as the new “f-word”, such celebrations are triggering.

Case in point: check out the jaw-dropping story in Cambridge Today headlined, “Cambridge MP condemns ‘Fringy’ Family Day as dangerous.”

Dangerous? What in the world qualifies a peaceful gathering as “dangerous” in the weird mind of Liberal MP Bryan May? Someone getting a bruise in a bouncy castle, perhaps?

Nevertheless, May questioned the “true intent” of Family Fringy Day and what it was trying to achieve.

Said May: "From the very beginning, the Ottawa occupation and blockades were about anti-government sentiment, more specifically anti-Liberal and anti-Trudeau."

Gracious! Anti-Liberal and anti-Trudeau sentiment? Knock us down with a feather!

It should come as no surprise that May is so tone-deaf. During the outrageous response to the pandemic these past few years, people lost their homes and their jobs and their businesses and were also coerced into taking a vaccine. And May wonders why demonstrators are “anti-Liberal” and “anti-Trudeau”? Give us a break…

But it was indeed a good time for the hundreds of freedom lovers who flocked to the farm. And they were excited to see that German MEP Christine Anderson, who is on record as stating that Prime Minister Trudeau is a “disgrace to democracy”, was also in attendance.

Alas, no surprise that MP May not only condemned Family Fringy Day but took a pot-shot at Anderson in his Cambridge Today interview. May stated that Anderson’s “ideology runs contrary to Canadian values.”

Amazing. Apparently in Liberal Land, justifiably criticizing Justin Trudeau, a man who admires the basic dictatorship of China, is not a… Canadian value?

How perverse. How sad. How disturbing.

In the meantime, undoubtedly to May’s dismay, the freedom movement isn’t going anywhere. Maybe its rank and file members have been thuggishly removed from city streets, but the movement’s spirt remains resolute… in spite of the control freaks who comprise the Liberal Party of Canada.

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  • By Ezra Levant


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