Canada’s drama teacher prime minister desperate for attention amid leadership crisis

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's appearance at the G7 Summit was marked by his desperate attention-seeking, awkward outbursts, and refusal to address serious issues like foreign interference, highlighting his ongoing pattern of embarrassing himself and Canada on the world stage.

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Prime Minister Trudeau just can’t seem to help himself when it comes to making an embarrassment of himself and Canadians on the world stage, and his appearance at last week's G7 Summit was no different.

Last week the Group of 7, known simply as the G7, met in Italy. It’s an informal forum that meets every several years, bringing together Italy, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States. The European Union also participates with the presidents of the European Council and the European Commission in attendance.

This year’s G7 summit was held from June 13 – 15 and saw the above leaders together with other international organizations such as the World Bank, African Development Bank and the International Monetary Fund.

This is fitting since the prime minister had just announced the latest taxpayer-funded 5-billion-dollar contribution toward the Ukrainian proxy war.

Three days later, on June 16, Trudeauannounced a $52.4 million package of measures in support of Ukraine,” at the Summit on Peace in Ukraine, in Switzerland. Oh, and another “$2 million to uphold the safe and secure operations of nuclear facilities in Ukraine.”

Part of the “quick facts” explains that since 2022, Canadian taxpayers have paid over $19 billion in multi-faceted support to Ukraine – $12.4 billion in financial assistance, $4 billion in military aid and equipment donations, $352.5 million in humanitarian assistance, $422 million in development assistance and over $210 million in security and stabilization programming.

Of course, Trudeau had to go ahead and show his desperate need for attention by awkwardly shouting “Slava Ukraini” during a G7 photo op, causing other leaders to turn and stare.

The chant translates to “Glory to Ukraine" and is said to be a national salute, often the official battle cry of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

What is Trudeau doing on the world stage pledging this chant while acting like a child needing constant validation?

Especially while it was polled back in February that Canadians have a declining interest in all assistance to Ukraine, compared to March 2022 responses. A growing number prefer to “do nothing more / stay out of it.”

Of course, when the lights and cameras are on and Trudeau’s being questioned about the damning allegations of foreign interference and members of Canadian Parliament being compromised – things that Canadians care deeply about – he refuses to answer.

When probed about his free-fall polling numbers, Trudeau can’t help but deflect and pretend like he represents and knows what Canadians want or need, citing that we’re not in “decision-making mode,” yet.

Trudeau’s blatant refusal to address serious issues like foreign interference, his nine-year stretch of deflecting questions and skirting accountability, his legacy of ethics violations, and his dwindling popularity, coupled with his awkward outbursts, and desperate attention-seeking prove that he’s no longer fit to lead, and arguably never was.

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