‘Canada’s Road to Beijing’: JCCF lawyer breaks down Charter-threatening digital ID

We were joined by lawyer Hatim Kheir to discuss the Justice Centre's recent report on the forthcoming implementation of digital ID in Canada.

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The Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms recently released a cautionary report warning Canadians about the potential threat to the Charter of Rights and Freedoms that is posed by digital ID. Titled “Canada’s Road to Beijing: The digital threat to the Charter rights and freedoms of Canadians,” the document breaks down the emergence of the dehumanizing social credit system under the Communist Party of China, and the push by Canadian officials to implement digital ID and digital currency. The JCCF warns that these are stepping stones towards Canada becoming a totalitarian social credit state as well.

We were joined by JCCF lawyer Hatim Kheir to discuss the report and to learn more about the implementation of digital ID in Canada. We also delved into how digital ID is used to enforce the Chinese social state.

We asked Kheir to break down the threat that these measures pose to our fundamental rights, and how Canadians can resist the ever-growing totalitarian trends being implemented by Trudeau and company. We also discussed whether digital ID would have facilitated further abuses of power like the bank account freezing and denial of services that occurred throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

The government seeking to track people is nothing new, but with advancing technologies and concerted pushes by groups like the World Economic Forum (WEF), serious progress is being made towards authorities having live access to our locations, spending habits and private information. That should have you concerned.

Our Expose the Reset docuseries has been casting light on the invasive efforts of the WEF. I urge you to watch the two episodes that are available now here and to keep a keen eye on that website for an upcoming episode that will expose digital ID for what it really is.

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