Canadian entrepreneur running his pickup truck on fuel that costs 25¢/L

Spending just $1,000 to convert his truck, Roger Gordon says his ammonia-powered pickup has no carbon emissions and costs a measly 25¢ per litre to fuel up.

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Like most Canadians, Halton Hills, Ont., resident Roger Gordon is dismayed that the cost of a litre of gasoline approaching the $2 benchmark in our great Dominion. Indeed, it already exceeded that price-point in British Columbia.

But instead of grumbling about the high cost of gas — and the absurd energy policies of the Justin Trudeau Liberals — Gordon is doing something. Namely, he converted his Ford F-350 pickup truck to run on ammonia, the cost of that fuel being a mere 25 cents per litre.

Gordon says it only cost him about $1,000 to carry out the conversion, and he never worries about range anxiety given that his truck can also seamlessly switchover to gasoline in case his ammonia tank runs dry.

And talk about a “green new deal”: Gordon claims the emissions coming out of his truck’s tailpipe are carbon-zero.

Of note, the idea of using ammonia as fuel alternative isn’t new — the concept goes back to the 1800s.

But there are big challenges in terms of making ammonia a widespread alternative. While Gordon has constructed a patent-pending ammonia fuel production device on his property for his own needs, to bring ammonia to the masses a large-scale production facility would be required — as well as a distribution network.

In any event, we visited Roger Gordon recently to take a spin in his ammonia-fuelled truck and his modified F-350 performed just like a gasoline-based truck.

Only time will tell if ammonia catches on as a cheap and green fuel alternative. But in the here and now, Gordon is enjoying 25-cent a litre fuel costs, and as Bob Barker would say, “The price is right.”

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