China Crisis continues: Did MP Han Dong impede the release of the two Michaels?

The China interference story is beginning to resemble a Yoko Ono concert: it starts out badly… then proceeds to get horrid.

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Recently, Global News reported a bombshell story regarding the embattled Liberal MP for Don Valley North, Han Dong. Dong is alleged to have benefitted from Chinese meddling in the last federal election. But now comes word that in February 2021, Dong advised a senior Chinese diplomat in Beijing to hold off in freeing Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor. This information allegedly came from two separate national security sources although Dong maintains the allegation is without merit.

Even so, Dong announced on Wednesday night that he’s leaving the Liberal caucus and will sit as an independent member of Parliament. Dong said: “I have informed the prime minister and the leadership of the Liberal Party caucus that I will be sitting as an independent at the conclusion of these remarks. Mr. Speaker, I am in your hands as to what happens next.”

If this shocking allegation proves to be true, this could be one of the biggest Canadian scandals in history. Indeed, it’s almost beyond belief that a Member of Parliament would want two innocent Canadians to be held captive in a miserable prison just so that his party might somehow benefit from such an egregious action.

Indeed, by February 2021, the two Michaels had already spent more than two years behind bars. And the question arises: if Dong did urge Beijing to extend the incarceration of two Canadian citizens, does such an action not meet the benchmark of treason?

Dong has denied the allegations, stating: “Let me assure you, as a parliamentarian and as a person, I have never and would never advocate or support the violation of the basic human rights of any Canadian — of anyone, anywhere, period.”

Alas, that statement comes across as a tad disingenuous given that twice, at the last minute, Dong removed himself from a vote condemning Communist China for its treatment of its Uyghur Muslim minority.

And it is certainly amazing how fast this story is evolving. When allegations of Chinese interference in the 2019 and 2021 elections first broke, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said it was “racist” to criticize Chinese-Canadian MPs (that’s a wee bit rich coming from the lips of Blackface!)

Then Trudeau agreed to appoint a “special rapporteur” (a fancy title for “advisor”) to see if a public inquiry is justified. (Wouldn’t you know it? That advisor happens to be David Johnston, a Trudeau family friend… likely meaning Blackface will employ Johnston to whitewash the China interference allegations.

And now, Dong has been convinced by the PM to remove himself from caucus and sit as an independent. (Hmmm… it would appear that Trudeau himself is carrying out an act of anti-Asian racism – or has that narrative gone the way of the dodo?)

In any event, we paid a visit Dong’s constituency office to drop off a petition entitled, “Fire Dong.” Almost 10,000 viewers have signed this petition. (Not to worry: we redacted the names; only the initials appear on the petition. After all, we know that Chinese operatives and even police officers are active in Canada; meanwhile, we certainly don’t want to give Deputy PM Chrystia Freeland yet another excuse to freeze the bank accounts of Canadians who are guilty of “wrong thought.”)

Alas, Dong’s constituency office was locked shut and a makeshift sign indicated that visitors now have to make appointments in advance.

Also of note, a CTV News satellite truck was spotted in the parking lot of the constituency office. Translation: you know the China crisis scandal is really, really getting heated when even Trudeau’s trained seals in the mainstream media are now hounding Liberal MPs.

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