Christine Anderson supporters react to Pierre Poilievre's harsh criticism

The Conservative leader accused the German of having 'hateful and racist views' after a trio of Conservative MPs met with Anderson during her trip to Canada.

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Many Canadians first learned who Christine Anderson, a member of European Parliament who represents Germany's Alternative for Deutschland party, was when she tore into Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for shredding the principles of democracy when he travelled to the EU in March 2022, just after he had invoked the Emergencies Act to crush the Freedom Convoy.

Anderson is one of the rare representatives in any government who has dared to speak out about several major issues we've faced in recent years. She has strong opinions and knows what she stands for, a the German politician decided to visit Canada a year after the Freedom Convoy was dismantled.

She says she followed along closely to what was happening in Canada during the convoy, when truckers and their supporters travelled from across Canada to the nation's capital to call for an end to the country's remaining COVID mandates.

During her 10 day visit to Canada, Anderson met thousands of people, including some politicians. While her trip was mostly ignored by the media, she met with three Conservative MPs — Leslyn Lewis, Colin Carrie and Dean Allison — on February 21.

On February 24, a statement from Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre shocked many who might have been expecting the outspoken new Opposition leader to back his MPs, given his previous vocal support for the Freedom Convoy.

That same day, I had the chance to interview Ms. Anderson about Poilievre's criticism. You can hear her response here.

During the evening, she was hosting an event at Côteau du Lac in the Montreal area, which included a dinner and speech for the many supporters who came out to see Anderson.

Rebel News asked some of the attendees what they thought of Poilievre's statement, with one man telling us that “if he [Poilievre] really said that about Christine Anderson, it is really disappointing. I admit that it will change my vision of him and of the Conservative party,” he said.

Another woman, who was obviously surprised by the news, said “hearing something like this really takes me back, because I really thought that Pierre Poilievre was the answer.”

After speaking to a number of people at the event, it became clear that a majority of them disagreed with Poilievre's assessment of Anderson. So, what do you think? Let us know in the comments or on social media.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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