Freeland calls critics “white supremacists,” but dodges questions about Nazi grandfather

Chrystia Freeland’s maternal grandfather was a Nazi. 

Not a “Nazi” as in the term popularized by social justice warriors recently; grandpa Michael Chomiak was an actual Nazi. Freeland’s relative ran a propaganda paper for Adolf Hitler.

Freeland — who has been making a circuit around the world telling leaders that the Canadian government would not tolerate "white supremacy" — seems to be tolerating it on her mother’s side of the family.

A few weeks ago at the Defend Media Freedom Conference, Freeland implied that the Jewish-owned Rebel Media is a “home to voices advocating white supremacy.”,

Guilt by association is all it takes to be a “white supremacist” these days. You can see her full comments here. Using her own rule of thumb, she too is guilty through her association to her grandfather.

I asked her directly: Will she therefore condemn her grandpa. Her answer? Insufficient.

If Freeland is to have any credibility in combating white supremacy, she should start by publicly trimming it out of her own family tree.