City of Brandon, Manitoba's Mayor on capitalizing on the 'Let's go Brandon' phenomenon

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Say, what’s not to love about the “Let’s go Brandon” phenomenon?

In case anyone is unaware of the origin of “Let’s go Brandon”, its genesis is traced back to a NASCAR event last month. Chants of “F--- Joe Biden” were reverberating from the stands of the Talladega Superspeedway as reporter Kelli Stavast interviewed driver Brandon Brown. Stavast then somehow incorrectly described “F--- Joe Biden” as “Let’s go, Brandon." Now, how could this trained broadcast professional make such a mistake? Check out the video evidence:

The Talladega attendees were letting Joe Biden know what they think of him in quite a profane fashion. Oh, God bless the First Amendment!

The other reason I love “Let’s go Brandon” is that it illustrates, yet again, how the Fake News Media spins things in a way to protect Sleepy Joe. I mean, how in the world does “F--- Joe Biden” become “Let’s go Brandon”? Everyone in the world knows what the fans were chanting, but those lying liars in the mainstream media could not report it. Shameful.

In that regard, it reminds me of how Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau dropped an F-bomb in the House of Commons back in 1971 – which was an especially outrageous thing to do for a PM in that era. Yet, when asked about it, Papa Trudeau claimed he said, “Fuddle-duddle.” That’s not even a real word!

Still, I wonder, if those very same NASCAR fans had been chanting “F--- Donald Trump” would the lamestream media sanitize that phrase for our protection? No, I think these journalistic jabronis would surely move into the “public-has-the-right-to-know” mode on that nugget.

But I was thinking the other day: now that “Let’s go Brandon” has entered the popular culture lexicon, how does one monetize it?

Well, actually, some people already have. Earlier this month, the Billboard Hot 100 featured not one but two songs titled, "Let's Go Brandon" in its top 40 charts. Ka-ching!

But you know who else could also monetize this phrase? A certain city in Manitoba. Yes, I speak of Brandon.

Indeed, the stars are aligning for this prairie town in terms of making use of this phrase. Brandon already has a tourism phrase – namely, “Brandon brings you back.” 

But think of the energy Brandon could harness with a rapid-fire litany of diverse individuals chanting and even singing “Let’s go Brandon” as images of that city’s tourist attractions fill the screen.

And so it was that I reached out to Brandon’s Mayor Rick Chrest. I asked about tapping into this global phenomenon in his city.

Well, here’s the mayor’s response:

Thanks for your note. I did have a Winnipeg radio station have some fun with this as well. That said, that while we have a sense of humor here in Brandon and are always happy to receive any additional attention we can get for our community, we’ve decided we won’t get too involved in this particular ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ phenomenon. Knowing the backstory, we know it may put us in the middle of partisan American politics and of course, the phrase is a less savory code comment for the US President. We didn’t feel it appropriate to get our community in the middle partisan US politics so we’ll just take a pass on engaging in this one. While the slogan sounds catchy, we do have our own slogan we support: “Brandon Brings You Back”. 

You know, Mayor Chrest strikes me as a really nice guy, befitting of someone who lives in Friendly Manitoba. And granted, he makes some fair points. But judging by recent polls, an overwhelming majority of Americans would indeed justifiably use less than savory language to describe President Biden.

If “Let`s go Brandon” attracted a legion of conservatives and Republicans and pro-Trump supporters to Brandon, Manitoba…I’m packing my bags and heading west, minus-40 windchill factors and mosquitos be damned!

So, please, Mayor Charest, reconsider. 


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