Climate alarmists trying to recreate COVID hysteria | Marc Morano

If it worked with COVID restrictions why wouldn't governments try again with climate issues, says Climate Depot's Marc Morano.

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A public message of fear and uncertainty was integral to government's across the world implementing extreme COVID-19 restrictions. With the pandemic largely behind us, despite the World Health Organization still insisting its ongoing, these scare tactics are now moving in a different direction: the environment.

This was the subject of discussion on last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, as Climate Depot's Marc Morano joined Ezra.

Speaking about how a large percentage of the population — especially those in positions of government authority — complied with seemingly ridiculous pandemic requests like double masking, Marc told Ezra:

It's the same thing they're doing with COVID and climate.

They're now saying that unchecked climate change leads to more viruses, so if you don't support a WHO pandemic treaty for example, you are now a grandma killer because of that.

So what this is doing is its creating a template, a narrative among that 40% — and here's the key, this is the part that kills us, Ezra. These aren't an inconsequential 40%, these are generally the academic elite ruling class and the people in bureaucracy, governments, cabinets, prime ministers, presidents, their staff and, sadly, most of our elected officials.

That's the problem.

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