Climate extremist has charges dropped due to 'climate change-induced anxiety'

Protester who brought Sydney traffic to a standstill let off as court finds her mental state meant she had 'diminished responsibility'

Climate extremist has charges dropped due to 'climate change-induced anxiety'
Climate change extremist Mali Cooper / YouTube
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A climate protestor who blocked the Sydney tunnel by locking her neck to her car has had all charges dropped because of her climate change-induced anxiety.

Mali Cooper, formerly of Lismore, now from Bellingen, brought traffic to a standstill when she stopped her car on a major Sydney road and locked her neck to the car’s steering wheel.

Peak hour traffic backed up for kilometres as Cooper live streamed the moment.

Police charged her with entering the tunnel to disrupt traffic and obstructing vehicles as a pedestrian.

The charges were brought under new laws designed to prevent activists from disrupting traffic.

But all charges against the 22-year-old were dismissed by magistrate Jeff Linden in Lismore Local Court on Tuesday.

It was reported that Cooper’s defence lawyer, Mark Davis, provided evidence to the court that showed the climate change protestor was suffering from anxiety because of her concerns about climate change.

He said her climate anxiety escalated into full-blown PTSD after the Lismore floods earlier this year.

Davis told media the court agreed that Cooper’s mental health issues meant she had diminished responsibility.

Cooper, who had been facing a fine of $22,000 or up to two years jail if convicted, was instead ordered to undergo psychological treatment.

While Cooper's actions brought Sydney streets to a standstill, anti-lockdown protesters like Renee Altakrity, who was dramatically arrested by police in May 2020 while peacefully protesting on a footpath, are still facing punishing legal battles in court.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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