Concerned psychologists speak out about public health orders stealing holidays

Drea Humphrey hears from Dr. Carole Anderson, a psychologist in British Columbia who gave her reaction to an anonymous letter penned by a fellow psychologist concerned about the damage being done to mental health by continuous COVID restrictions.

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Tis the season to be jolly... or isolated? If you’re a Canadian who has not been inoculated for COVID-19, provinces like British Columbia think you deserve the latter.

A psychologist from B.C. wrote an open letter, which you can read at the bottom of this page, titled “Don’t let the Grinch Steal to Christmas: Letter from a concerned Psychologist”.

The letter, addressed to Canadians, is making it’s rounds during the holiday season and raises a comprehensive range of mental health concerns surrounding public health’s socially exclusive, holiday-timed COVID-19 restrictions and mandated isolation targeted towards people not yet inoculated for COVID.

Despite the growing data to support that the new Delta-replacing variant called Omicron’s symptoms mirror the common cold, public health overlords have largely restricted how, and with whom, Canadians can celebrate their holidays .

But in provinces like B.C., a special type of mandated misery has been reserved for people who have not been inoculated for COVID.

Although, fully vaccinated people play a relevant role in transmitting COVID-19, B.C. prohibited unvaccinated people from gathering with loved ones during the holiday’s and at least until January 18, including for those who live alone.

The author of the open letter — to which I have confirmed is in fact a registered psychologist — prefers to remain anonymous, but is certainly not alone in their field.

A group of other concerned psychologists read and agreed with the letters content prior to it’s release, including Dr. Carole Anderson, who specializes in helping people struggling with depression, stress, and trauma.

“All human beings deserve connection” said Anderson in this candid interview. Anderson says the psychologists behind the letter feel vulnerable about coming forward with their concerns, but also feel it was important that they did so.

If you are concerned about the division of family and friends based on vaccination status, and the two-tiered society that has been created by vaccine passports and mandates, please consider joining our legal fight to end them.

Rebel News, has partnered with The Democracy Fund, a registered Canadian charity, to help put together a fierce civil liberties project that has taken on over 20 COVID vaccine-related cases. Please donate what you can at to fuel the legal fight to take back normalcy for Canadians, so we can return to being the true north strong and free.

READ: Anonymous psychologist's letter:

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  • By Ezra Levant

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