Construction company refusing to enforce vaccine mandate

Whidden Construction Group's CEO feels that until vaccine mandates are tested by the Supreme Court, it would be unjust to enforce this policy on his employees.

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David Whidden, chief executive officer of Whidden Construction Group, released a communication bulletin on mandatory vaccine mandates that captured many people’s attention.

We will include the full letter below for your consideration, but here is a quick excerpt to give you an idea of the content:

Upon consultation with legal counsel, it is our position the current and proposed vaccine mandates violate laws at the Federal, Provincial and International levels. As such, Whidden Construction Group does not support nor will comply with the propose vaccine mandates and or policies currently presented until such time they have withstood the “legal test” required before the Supreme Court of Canada.

We’ve become accustomed to bulletins and press releases over the past few months as largely consisting of bad news for unvaccinated employees or venue users. This is one of the few times a company is putting its foot down publicly with a formal statement and refusing to participate in vaccine mandates until they have been properly tested in a court of law.

Mr. Whidden goes on in his letter to clarify that any clients holding contracts with Whidden Construction Group who seek to implement a vaccine mandate will be financially responsible for any costs involved, as they will be implementing a material change in the contract. Furthermore, he insists that any businesses whose vaccine passport policies prevent continuation of current or future work will be held accountable for fundamental breach of contract.

At first glance this may all seem like business talk. But in reality, it is a preliminary strike in defence of his employees’ livelihoods. If only more businesses were so passionate about safeguarding the rights of their staff.

We joined David Whidden for an interview to discuss his bold letter, and his motivation for stepping forward to take a stand as Whidden Construction Group becomes our latest business. If you are a business owner, like David, who refuses to participate in unconstitutional vaccine mandates, you can share your story and get a sticker to let people know that you don’t discriminate based on vaccines status.

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