Controversial new garbage tax proposed to pay per kilogram of waste

South Australia is considering implementing waste charges based on household waste production.

Controversial new garbage tax proposed to pay per kilogram of waste
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Under the plan, residents would face additional fees for the waste they dispose of, while enjoying reduced council rates overall, a move aimed at waste reduction.

The proposal has sparked a heated online debate, with concerns rising amid the ongoing cost of living crisis.

Critics, including disgruntled residents, have voiced their objections, fearing the financial burden and potential neighbourly disputes.

South Australian Liberal leader David Speirs labeled the idea as a "nappy tax," arguing that it unfairly targets larger families, especially those with young children.

Despite the controversy, Premier Peter Malinauskas firmly ruled out changes to the existing kerbside collection system.

Meanwhile, in Sydney's inner west, recent changes to rubbish removal procedures have caused chaos.

Residents have been instructed to segregate food waste into the green bins designated for garden organics, leading to overflowing red garbage bins collected only fortnightly.

The confusion surrounding these changes has resulted in piles of rubbish accumulating on footpaths.

The situation in Sydney has highlighted the challenges associated with waste management reforms, echoing concerns raised in South Australia.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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