Controversial outgoing Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton named Victorian of the Year

Professor Brett Sutton, who played a key role in Victoria's harsh the Covid lockdowns, has been named as Victorian of the Year at the Victoria Day Council Awards ceremony in Melbourne.

Controversial outgoing Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton named Victorian of the Year
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Outgoing Chief Health Officer, Professor Brett Sutton, has controversially been bestowed with the title of Victorian of the Year.

The announcement took place at the Victoria Day Council Awards ceremony held at Melbourne Town Hall on Friday.

Professor Sutton, who recently resigned from his role as Chief Health Officer, was recognised by the establishment for his "significant contributions" to the state during the Covid pandemic.

In a press release issued prior to the ceremony, the Victoria Day Council stated that there would be no press conference or one-on-one interviews with the winner "due to time constraints".

Throughout the pandemic, Professor Sutton emerged as a prominent figure in Victoria's authoriatarian Covid lockdowns.

Collaborating closely with Premier Daniel Andrews, he played a major role in implementing some of the world's strictest lockdown measures, including curfews and travel restrictions.

As he transitions from his previous role, Professor Sutton will assume the position of director of health and biosecurity at the CSIRO.

The Victorian of the Year award is selected annually by trustees of the Victoria Day Council, consisting of past recipients of the honor. Previous awardees include renowned individuals such as Kevin Sheedy, Neale Daniher, Susan Alberti, Mike Brady, Dr. Alan Finkel, Judith Durham, and Ron Barrassi.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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