Controversial sex guide for kids sparks outrage at Big W

Concerned parents express dismay over the sale of a graphic sex book aimed at young children in Big W stores.

Controversial sex guide for kids sparks outrage at Big W
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Disgruntled parents are voicing their concerns about the sale of a controversial sex education book at Big W, raising questions about its appropriateness for young readers.

The book in question, titled "Welcome to Sex: Your no-silly-questions guide to sexuality, pleasure and figuring it out," authored by Dr Melissa Kang and Yumi Stynes, claims to be an 'age-appropriate' guide to sex and sexuality for teenagers.

However, an Instagram video posted by podcast host Chris Primod, revealing some of the book's explicit content, has gone viral, leading critics to argue that it is far too mature for its intended readership.

Rachael Wong, the chief executive of Women’s Forum Australia, took to Twitter to express her concerns, stating:

"Why is Big W selling this GRAPHIC SEX GUIDE FOR KIDS in Aus which includes how-tos for anal/oral sex, masturbation & heavily pushes gender ideology?"

She also pointed out that co-author Yumi Stynes had mentioned the book is suitable for 10-15-year-olds, but she wouldn't mind an eight-year-old reading it.

The book, priced at $16, contains detailed explanations of various sexual activities, including oral sex, fingering, anal sex, scissoring, hand jobs, porn, sexuality, and gender identity.

The negative feedback from concerned parents led Big W to disable reviews on their website, although their customer service team defended the book as "educational, age-appropriate, and inclusive."

In response to the criticism, social media users condemned the book, calling it "disgraceful" and accusing it of trying to sexualize children prematurely.

Yumi Stynes defended the book's purpose in an Instagram post, comparing it to a book for learner drivers before hitting the road. She emphasised the importance of providing reliable and appropriate information about sex to counter the potentially harmful impact of pornography on young minds.

A spokesperson for Big W stood by the retailer's decision to stock the book, asserting that "Welcome to Sex" is appropriate for children.

“Big W has a wide range of books and products that represent a diverse Australian community,” the spokesperson said.

“Welcome to Sex is an educational, age-appropriate and inclusive book featuring content from adolescent health experts that matches the development and early experiences of teens aged 12-15. It is shelved in parenting in our books section so parents can make their own decisions on what is appropriate for their family.”

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  • By Avi Yemini

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