Controversial U.S. indie rock artist slams Margaret Court

Phoebe Bridgers, a relatively unknown U.S. indie rock artist, sparked controversy at her Melbourne concert by leading a hate-fuelled insult chant against tennis great Margaret Court.

Controversial U.S. indie rock artist slams Margaret Court
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Phoebe Bridgers, a 28-year-old Indie rock artist, reignited conversations surrounding the Margaret Court Arena in Melbourne during a sold-out performance.

The arena is named after the Australian tennis great and former world number one, but in recent times, her accolades have been overshadowed by her Christian worldview.

Bridgers took a moment in her show to insult Court and then urged the crowd to chant along. The video of the thousands of fans cheering in unison has been labeled "iconic" on social media.

In her show, Bridgers insisted that hate is “undervalued” in society. “I think hate is undervalued,” she said.

“I think it’s a f--king weird white supremacist idea that hate is bad ... hate is like what moves things throughout history ... I hate that stupid b--h.”

Court, a Pentecostal minister at a church in Perth, has been a controversial figure for her opposition to marriage equality and her belief that LGBTIQ+ school lessons are "of the devil” and her condemnation of transgender athletes.

Despite almost two decades of calls from progressive activists to rename Margaret Court Arena, the tennis great remains stoic in her beliefs and refuses to “change” or step back from her religious views.

“I think a lot of it is because of being a minister and making a stand for my beliefs. I have had a lot of bullying. But we should be able to say what we believe,” she told the Telegraph last year.

“I became a Christian when I was No 1 in the world…You will never change me from that.”

Phoebe Bridgers’ performance sparked renewed discussions on the name of the Margaret Court Arena. Concertgoers applauded the singer for her hate-fuelled slur, with some even pushing for the arena to be renamed in her honor. “She was so real for this, they should rename it Phoebe Bridgers Arena,” one woman said.

In 2021, both Daniel Andrews and Mark McGowan joined calls to oppose Court being awarded the Australian Companion in the General Division of the Australian Open, the highest award level.

Despite the controversy surrounding Court's opinions, she remains one of the greatest tennis players in history, holding 64 major titles across singles, doubles, and mixed doubles tournaments.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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