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Court Win! B.C. mask-exempt woman who went on hunger strike doesn’t have to pay her fine

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Thanks to all of the the liberty defenders who continue to donate to our civil liberties initiative called Fight the Fines, a Parksville, British Columbia woman named Mihaela (Ela) Tanase, does not have to pay tyrannical COVID-19 fine.

In December 2020, a local Pharmasave denied Tanase the right to pick up her own medication due to her inability to wear a face covering. Instead of returning home in defeat, Tanase went on a six day hunger strike and was also fined $230 for failure to wear a face covering inside of an indoor public space.

Two hundred and thirty dollars is on the lower side of some of the COVID-19 related cases our Fight The Fines charity (in partnership with The Democracy Fund) has taken on. So, do you think Tanase chose to pay her fine?

Nope, she chose to fight it instead, and that’s where Rebel News came in.

Through our Fight The Fines project, we hired Stephen Whitehead, a tenaciously awesome lawyer from Grey Wowk Spencer LLP to take on the legal battle, and he even flew out to attend court in person, for Tanase.

Watch the video above to hear both Tanase and Whitehead discuss how the fine ended up being stayed.

And please continue to donate whatever you can to We’ve take on over 2,000 cases in Canada and the legal team is still working daily, as they are just getting started with court appearances. All donations to The Democracy Fund are tax deductible as well.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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