Covid fear strikes again as Aussies advised to mask up for Christmas

Australians are being asked to mask up for Christmas with warnings that Covid-19 case numbers remain high.

Covid fear strikes again as Aussies advised to mask up for Christmas
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NSW Chief Health Officer Kerry Chant urged people to “remain vigilant” during Christmas because “you never know who is vulnerable around you”.

“As we head into the busy holiday season, I encourage the community to remain vigilant," she said.

"Masks reduce the risk and are recommended in crowded indoor spaces.

“We still request people to wear masks in hospitals and aged care facilities, and it is important that people comply with those requirements in those settings."

Chant said people should be cautious when celebrating Christmas with elderly or unwell relatives.

"During this holiday period consider testing to protect your friends and family who may be more at risk of severe disease," she said.

“Frail, elderly and people with underlying health conditions are more likely to experience serious health outcomes with Covid, such as hospitalisations and death."

This year is the first Christmas Australians will enjoy free of Covid-19 restrictions since the pandemic reached began in 2000.

But Chant said people could not afford to relax as “transmission remains high” in the community.

Chant said NSW had "passed" the latest virus peak, but warned that a new Covid-19 wave could still occur.

In the week beginning December 8, New South Wales recorded 40,695 cases and 74 Covid-related deaths.

The case numbers are higher than Victoria and Queensland, where 24,652 and 16,600 cases were recorded respectively.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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