CRTC commissioner ‘would have made it mandatory’ to purchase LGBT TV program

'I would have made it mandatory,' wrote Commissioner Claire Anderson, who is a Whitehorse lawyer. Anderson claimed evidence showed 'the necessity of the service to all Canadians.'

CRTC commissioner ‘would have made it mandatory’ to purchase LGBT TV program
Out TV
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On Thursday August 18, 2022, a Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) commissioner stated her wishes that cable and satellite TV customers in Canada should have been forced to pay for gay programing.

Indeed, she claimed that evidence showed “the necessity of the service to all Canadians,” as reported by Blacklock's

The person who made such remarks is named Claire Anderson, who is the CRTC commissioner for Yukon and British Columbia. She is also described on the CRTC website as the first Indigenous woman and first Yukon resident to be appointed to the CRTC.

The woman holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of British Columbia, as well as a Juris Doctor from the same institution.

Her comments occurred after a majority of federal regulators decided to reject the idea that Canadians should be forced to purchase Out TV Network Inc. of Vancouver, a TV station that describes itself as the “world’s first LGBTQ network.”

The network features shows such as My Trans Journey, whose title is self-explanatory, Boy Boy Montreal, “a humorous documentary series that paints a contemporary portrait of gay pornography,” and Call Me Mother, where “three drag legends, Peppermint, Crystal and Barbada adopt the next generation of talent into their new drag houses and mentor them through the mother of all drag competitions.”

The CRTC reportedly wrote “in its Decision 2022-223 [that] television distributors should classify Out TV as a “must offer” not “must carry” service in the English language market effective March 1, 2023.”

“Out TV plays an important role in the Canadian broadcasting system as it is the only service in Canada that targets LGBTQ communities with all its programming,” the Commission stated. “Out TV responds to the needs and interests of these communities and contributes to raising greater awareness and understanding by all Canadians.”

The CRTC’s decision does not align with Anderson’s belief, which is to force TV users to pay for the network.

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  • By Ezra Levant


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