Curing the Corruption of Medicine: British cardiologist kicks off Australian tour

Dr Aseem Malhotra launches speaking tour in Australia, addressing medical ethics.

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British cardiologist and author Dr Aseem Malhotra kicks off his Australian speaking tour this weekend.

The public health advocate and acclaimed author is touring Downunder in conjunction with the Australian Medical Professionals’ Society (AMPS).

The tour begins on May 27th and will span several cities across the country.

Dr Malhotra will engage audiences with insightful discussions concerning the risks and benefits of COVID-19 vaccinations, with a focus on potential cardiovascular complications.

His aim, in partnership with AMPS, is to combat misinformation and provide an evidence-based analysis of the vaccines.

His tour aims to shed light on the benefits and risks of the Covid vaccines, the impact of medical censorship, the significance of informed consent, and the value of professional associations like AMPS for medical practitioners. 

AMPS, a non-political association representing doctors, advocates for medical ethics and the importance of the doctor-patient relationship. They strongly oppose government intrusion and medical censorship for the sake of public health and safety.

In his campaign for transparency in healthcare, Dr Malhotra reveals the uncomfortable truth: commercial interests, predominantly from Big Pharma, have infiltrated our healthcare systems and medical advice.

The name of his tour, "Curing the Corruption of Medicine," encapsulates his mission to unveil the corruption jeopardising public health.

Dr Malhotra expresses deep concern over the current situation where essential health information is often withheld, especially from those with chronic illnesses. This lack of information further fuels the global chronic disease pandemic.

He is also worried about the strict measures around specific medical interventions in Australia, which he views as a violation of medical ethics. He argues that Big Pharma's primary objective is to generate shareholder profit, not to offer the best patient care.

He emphasises the importance of continuous learning and self-questioning in medicine, cautioning against the manipulation by those with significant financial interests.

Dr Malhotra has coined a term to describe this widespread problem: "Psychopathic Determinants of Health," capturing the ruthless pursuit of profit by powerful corporations at the expense of public health. He champions ethical, evidence-based medical practices to combat this issue.

However, the suppression of critical medical information by social media platforms and government policies impedes this goal. This form of censorship leads to inadequate patient outcomes and potential harm. For Dr Malhotra, this is an outright assault on democracy.

More information on the tour can be found on the AMPS website.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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