DAILY | YouTube SUSPENDS Rebel News!

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YouTube just suspended our channel. I’m worried.

We can’t upload any new videos or livestream for a week. We can’t communicate with our 1.45 million YouTube subscribers.

This comes after YouTube's decision last month to demonetize us (to ban all ads and donations). That knocked a $400,000 hole in our annual budget.

I’m worried that YouTube plans to completely shut us down within weeks. (And I know a certain Canadian prime minister who would like that to happen before he calls an election.)

We have published 15,000 videos on YouTube in the last six years. We’ve never had a single “strike” for violating their terms of service.

And then suddenly, last night, YouTube alleged that a video we published more than three months ago broke their rules.

You won’t believe the title of that video: “If Big Tech can silence Trump, they can silence anyone”.

It’s pretty Orwellian that that’s the one they're censoring.

We have re-uploaded that video here. It’s only 6 minutes long — I encourage you to watch it, to see how innocuous it is:

YouTube claims that video violates their “election-related misinformation policy.” That policy reads in full:

"Don’t post content on YouTube if it fits any of the descriptions noted below: Presidential Election Integrity: Content that advances false claims that widespread fraud, errors, or glitches changed the outcome of any past U.S. presidential election."

As you can see, our video just didn’t do that. It wasn’t about election fraud at all — it was about Big Tech banning Trump from social media. The closest that video comes is showing Trump’s short video message telling Capitol Hill protesters to go home. But showing that video can’t be the problem — that exact same Trump video is currently on dozens of other YouTube news channels, such as CNN.

I’m worried. I think they mean to shut us down completely.

We have recently set up accounts with competitors to YouTube like Rumble, but they are very small. We have 1.45 million YouTube subscribers from whom we are cut off — that’s our real asset, and YouTube knows it. We’re fighting back, but one hand is tied behind our back.

We are already reeling from their demonetization, which will cost us $400,000/year. I don’t want to lay off reporters or reduce our workload.

Are you able to help us cover some of that shortfall? We’ve been working on our Plan B to survive a deplatforming attack. We just didn’t think it would come so soon. It makes sense: a Canadian federal election is looming, and Trudeau wants to shut down one of the few remaining dissident voices opposing him.


Most of the rest of the media is already bought off — from the CBC to all the newspapers taking the Liberal bail-out.

Suspending our YouTube account because of a three-month old video about censorship makes no sense. I think it’s more likely YouTube was pressured to find a reason to silence us, don’t you?

I know it feels like I’m always asking for help. But that’s because Rebel News — and all of our passionate, principled reporters — are always on the front lines, fighting for you.

Please help us if you can, by clicking here. (Thank you.)

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With all the attempts to censor us by Big Tech and even our own government, the risk of being deplatformed from YouTube, Facebook or Twitter is greater than ever!

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YouTube demonetized us, out of the blue, and now they've frozen our channel. We can be kicked off YouTube any day now. Sign up so we can contact you when we're deplatformed!

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YouTube demonetized us and we need your help!

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