Dan Andrews accused of politically-biased school funding

Controversy ensues as analysis reveals majority of education funding is allocated to Labor-held electorates.

Dan Andrews accused of politically-biased school funding
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Dan Andrews has been accused of withholding funding from schools in Coalition-held seats. 

The Victorian government has allocated more than a billion dollars to build new schools and repair dilapidated facilities, but 18 electorates – including 11 held by Liberal MPs – missed out on money. 

Analysis published in the Herald Sun showed that 63 per cent of Victorian schools in Labor-held seats received 93 per cent of the funds budgeted. 

The Coalition holds 32 per cent of seats but received only 6 per cent of funds.  

Angry students, parents and staff from Elwood CollegeCanterbury Girls’ Secondary College, Brighton Primary, Mornington Park Primary, Kew East Primary and Mount Eliza Secondary College slammed the government for ignoring their schools. 

Parents of students at Mornington Park Primary complained their school urgently needed help with buildings riddled with asbestos and that had fallen into disrepair. 

School council president Belinda Edmondson said parents were worried for the safety of their children. 

“The toilets are also awful and dilapidated. The preps are quite anxious about using the toilets as they are cold, run down and also full of asbestos,” she said. 

Federal Liberal MP for the seat of Kew, Jess Wilson, said the Andrews government “talks about governing for all Victorians but time and again ignores those most in need”. 

But Victoria Education Minister Natalie Hutchins insisted the government was “delivering the school infrastructure and educational opportunities Victorians voted for, no matter where they live”.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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