Dan Andrews' govt claims Commonwealth Games' inquiry is 'political theatre'

The Senate's probe into the embarrassing Commonwealth Games cancellation sparks fiery responses from Victorian leaders.

Dan Andrews' govt claims Commonwealth Games' inquiry is 'political theatre'
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A Senate inquiry into Victoria’s cancellation of the 2026 Commonwealth Games was a “political stunt”, Deputy Premier Jacinta Allan said yesterday.

Allan, who is widely tipped to succeed Daniel Andrews as Victoria Premier, said members of the government were right not to attend the inquiry.

She said Andrews had spoken “at length already” about why he had scrapped the event and there was no need to repeat his explanation.

"This Senate inquiry is all a political stunt,” she said.

Senator McKenzie, who is heading the inquiry, told Sky News that Andrews should have "absolutely" fronted up to explain himself.

"When he made that decision (to cancel the Games), he was kind of dismissive in that press conference," McKenzie said.

"Now if it wasn't the hardest decision he had to make as a premier, then he needs to actually front up and explain it and subject himself to very, very sensible questions, from sporting federations, from athletes, from regional communities.

"He threw an invisibility cloak if you like over not only his ministers – Jacinta Allan, whose failed planning has meant we've ended up here - he also threw it over all of his departmental officials, the organising committee, anyone he could get his hands on.”

Andrews last month sensationally ditched the games, claiming the event budget had blown out from $2.6 billion to between $6 to $7 billion.

His government later paid $380 million in compensation for pulling out of the event.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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