Dan Andrews put in his place over brutal lockdowns while making rare public appearance

Angry mum confronts ex-premier over COVID-19 handling during star-studded Melbourne event and calls him out for 'screwing up all our children'.

Dan Andrews put in his place after making rare public appearance
A mother (unrelated to this story) walks past Victorian Police officers making an arrest during Dan Andrews' (inset) brutal lockdowns in 2020. X / Paul Dowsley
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Former Victorian premier Dan Andrews copped a spray at the National Gallery of Victoria's Gala on Saturday night, attended by high-profile figures like Liam Hemsworth.

A Victorian mum approached Andrews for a selfie during the glamorous event but swiftly turned the interaction into a scathing critique of his COVID-19 response, accusing him of "screwing up all our children."

After the reality check, the loathed former premier, accompanied by his wife Cath was reportedly lost for words, leaving the venue shortly afterward.

The incident comes amid recent controversies, including reports of Andrews considering joining the Portsea Golf Club, drawing fierce opposition from some members, who like many Victorians, are angry at Andrews over his authoritarian leadership during the pandemic.

Steve Price, a veteran journalist and club member, declared he would quit and tear up his membership if Andrews joined, citing discontent over the premier's pandemic measures and lockdown decisions affecting the community.

The NGV Gala incident sparked online reactions, with social media users expressing amusement and curiosity about the woman who confronted Andrews, further highlighting the ongoing public scrutiny the former premier faces.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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