Data shows Jews in Montreal targeted during Quebec's strict COVID curfew

Rates of tickets issued per 100,000 residents show that the city's Hasidic Jewish community faced severe curfew enforcement by Montreal police.

Data shows Jews in Montreal targeted during Quebec's strict COVID curfew
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For five months during Quebec's COVID curfew, Rebel News was out sounding the alarm about the targeted harassment from Montreal police towards the city's Hasidic Jewish population.

Organizations that claim to stick up for Jews were silent. The only time the public heard from these so-called Jewish groups was when they decided to condemn Jews for calling a police officer a Nazi as he was harassing Hasidic Jews at a synagogue, targeting them for observing their religious obligations.

Well, the data is in and it shows that our suspicions were indeed true: Jews were targeted in Montreal. Of course, the CBC won't say that — they'll just call it “diverse neighbourhoods” — but the numbers show clearly that the borough of Outremont was targeted by police.

Montreal neighbourhoods, as reported by CBC, show the number of tickets issued per 100,000 people:

Outremont: 1,173
Ville-Marie: 752.8
Plateau-Mont-Royal: 695.6
Montréal-Nord: 647.7
Lachine: 609.5
Villeray-St-Michel-Parc-Extension: 572.7

Alexandre Pierre, the president of Ligue des Droits et Libertés, a non-profit organization that promotes the International Bill of Human Rights, told the CBC that “If we put together the data before and [the new] data, we could come to the conclusion that there's racial profiling involved,” concluding that “A  lot of tickets were served in very specific areas.”

While this was all happening, however, it seemed as though nobody cared. Along with our Rebel News team that came to help, it was mostly just one person — myself — on the ground in Montreal, trying to do my best to shine a light on what was happening.

Where were the legacy media outlets? Nowhere to be found, but you can see all of our reporting from that time period over on

Rebel News is suing the Montreal police for their treatment of our team while we covered the curfew, trying to expose their antisemitic enforcement.

Think we're going to far? Well, they called me “media juif,” among other things, for simply pointing out what was clearly wrong with the targeting of Jews in Montreal.

If you'd like to donate to help us sue the Montreal police, visit

The numbers show clearly that Jews were targeted in Montreal for simply living their life.

We filmed incidents like this on numerous occasions and showed the world — but outside of our Rebel News audience, the world didn't seem to care.

Will people care now that the data backs it up?

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