Dave Rubin talks about Justin Trudeau and Rebel News reporter Alexandra Lavoie

Rubin says that Rebel News is doing ‘incredible work,' and referred to Trudeau as a 'smug, soulless, evil freak.'

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Host of The Rubin Report, Dave Rubin spoke about Justin Trudeau in his latest video:

Trudeau is a great example of what's going on here because he is sort of the perfect example of what the World Economic Forum wants out of a leader. They want someone who stands for nothing, who's completely unable to say the truth, but who looks good on camera, and who has no real set of beliefs. 

Probably someone who's done blackface like he has repeatedly, because then they can kind of black blackmail him, when it comes to a couple of things, they can blackface him again and blackmail him on a couple of things. He's a really, really bad dude, in case you don't know my feelings about him. 

Rubin says that Rebel News is doing ‘incredible work,' and it’s not easy being a source of journalism in Canada.

The Rubin Report host highlighted that Rebel reporter, Alexa Lavoie asked Trudeau an ‘extremely relevant question’ involving the vaccine mandate, but Trudeau refused to answer. Rubin referred to Trudeau as a 'smug, soulless, evil freak.'

“What a coward, what a disgusting human being, what an awful world leader and someone that should be relegated to the dustbin of history,” Rubin said. “Of course, the reason he doesn't like Rebel is because Rebel is an independent news organization in Canada and Canada funds news organizations, and then you're not going to believe it."

Alexa took to Twitter saying, "Thanks @RubinReport for taking time to recognize our hard work and mention my question to @JustinTrudeau. Rebel News is one of the rare independent media who tell the other side of the story. Canada really is a hard place for reporting!"

Rubin continued and pointed out Trudeau's lies from over a year ago on how the vaccine mandate would not be mandatory, and then showed another clip of people calling him a "traitor" when he attended this year's Calgary Stampede.

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