Desperately seeking a horse named Ezra – and its owner, Emily Reardon

A blood-curdling video recently emerged on social media depicting a horse being dragged by a truck. Pools of blood can be seen around its hooves while a woman off-camera remarks: 'Why are you a retard? Why, why, why?'

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People the world over recoiled with shock and horror when a blood-curdling video recently emerged on social media depicting a horse being dragged by a truck. Pools of blood can be seen around its hooves while a woman off-camera remarks: “Why are you a retard? Why, why, why?” (We don’t believe she is speaking in the third person, but perhaps she should’ve been given the circumstances.) 

The camera pans over to the head of the distressed horse. The scene is equal parts disturbing and despicable. 

In the aftermath, the Ontario Provincial Police and various animal welfare agencies went into investigation mode. And on Monday, Ontario’s Ministry of the Solicitor General announced that the OPP had charged Solstice Pecile, 23, of the Township of Cavan Monaghan with Causing Distress to an Animal under Sec. 15 (1) of the Provincial Animal Welfare Services Act. 

Pecile is scheduled to appear on Jan. 11, 2023, at the Cobourg Provincial Offences Court. If convicted of this charge, she faces a fine of not more than $130,000 or imprisonment of up to two years or both. 

But in the aftermath, certain details remain somewhat murky... 

The horse is a mare named Ezra, and as the story goes, after the video surfaced, she was repurchased by its original owner, Emily Reardon who allegedly resides in Markham, Ont. 

Reardon has established a GoFundMe page entitled, “Ezra’s Road Home” to supposedly pay for repurchasing Ezra and paying for the horse’s veterinarian bills as well as any miscellaneous expenses 

A statement on the GoFundMe page notes that “any funds in excess of what her care requires will be donated toward helping any other animals coming out of a situation like this.” 

At time of writing, the GoFundMe campaign had raised almost $7,000. 

While this horrific story is headed toward a happy ending, there are, alas, some red flags. 

For example, nobody in the media (including Rebel News) has been able to secure an in-person or phone interview with Reardon. She has stated via email to some journalists that she does not want to come on camera, nor does she want Ezra to be photographed. This is a most baffling stance to take given that publicity would surely ramp-up fundraising for the GoFundMe campaign. 

Also, we ventured out to Markham on Tuesday to see if we could track down Reardon. Given urban sprawl, there are not many farms left in Markham, but we did visit a few equestrian farms. We could not find either Reardon or Ezra. What’s more, the people managing these Markham farms said they had never heard of Emily Reardon. How odd. 

We also reached out to the media relations department of GoFundMe. We wanted to know if “Ezra’s Road Home” is a legitimate fundraising campaign given that nobody has been able to track down either Reardon or Ezra to verify the alleged facts. So far, it has been radio silence from GoFundMe. How curious: this company moved at light speed in February to freeze, for no valid reason, the GoFundMe campaign that had been established for the freedom convoy in Ottawa. 

We also visited the Wishing Stone Farm where the torture of Ezra allegedly took place. From a distance, we asked Solstice Pecile if she would like to come on camera for an interview (a sign at the gate stated: “Private property, no trespassing;” we did not venture past the gate.) Nevertheless, Pecile phoned the police; we have no idea what crime was being committed. 

Bottom line: so many red flags exist regarding Emily Reardon and a horse called Ezra. Does Emily Reardon exist? Where is Ezra being kept right now? Why the secrecy? 

It would seem there is more to this horse story than meets the eye. We shall continue to investigate. Stay tuned.

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