Did China give Health Canada talking points on COVID? Gov Blocks Our Investigation

Trudeau's Health Canada is stonewalling our investigation into the ministry's communications with Chinese diplomats.

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Early in the pandemic, former Health Minister Patty Hajdu was sending mixed messages about closing the Canadian border to international travel.

At first, the notion of closing the borders was racist and xenophobic, especially when it came to blocking flights from Chinese viral hot zones. And then it was the right thing to do, especially when coupled with the forcible confinement of healthy Canadian citizens in so-called COVID jails to quarantine upon arrival back to their own country.

It was almost as though the first talking points that were extra sympathetic to the Chinese state was given to her by Chinese propagandists.

So we asked Health Canada for:

All correspondence sent by members of the Chinese diplomatic service and/or the Chinese Government to Health Canada representatives from December 1, 2019, to September 29, 2020.

We wanted to know what Chinese spin doctors were saying to Health Canada about the pandemic, and when they were saying it.

There are documents, though the ministry will only admit to just six pages and two of those concern a party the Toronto consulate was throwing.

The other four pages are completely redacted as state secrets:

The head of a government institution may refuse to disclose any record requested under this Act that contains information the disclosure of which could reasonably be expected to be injurious to the conduct of international affairs, the defence of Canada or any state allied or associated with Canada or the detection, prevention or suppression of subversive or hostile activities.

I’m going to keep looking. But I will need your help to do it. I will appeal this redaction. And appeal it again. All this takes time and money.

If you can help, please visit our special website for paper trail investigations at www.Rebelinvestigates.com.


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