Discussing Tamara Lich's detention and law enforcement's inordinate Canada Day response

Ottawa Police and by-law officers were out in full force over Canada Day weekend in the nation's capital.

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On our most recent episode of The Gunn Show, Sheila was joined by Rebel NewsWilliam Diaz-Berthiaume to discuss the ongoing detention of Freedom Convoy organizer Tamara Lich, who is currently behind bars for allegedly breaching her bail conditions by posing for a picture at an event with another key figure from the convoy named Tom Marazzo.

Sheila and William also discussed his reporting from the recent Canada Day weekend festivities (or lack thereof) in the nation's capital, as Ottawa Police and by-law officers clamped down on attendees by setting up a sort of miniature police state with barricades, security lines, and people being frisked before being allowed to enter the Parliament Hill area.

Speaking on the reasoning behind the lack of a festive atmosphere in Ottawa during Canada Day weekend, Sheila explained, "There was a political prisoner in jail, and so people wanted to come and protest that. But also the fact that they moved events away from Parliament Hill, and the fact that the Ottawa Police and by-law had been fear-mongering for up to a week before Canada Day basically scaring people away saying, 'it's going to be terrible and there are more terrorist invaders coming.'"

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